LA and Actors Equity: the Facts​

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LA's OWN Intimate Theater Plan

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AEA's Promulgated Plan

AEA's New Plans for LA's Theaters

A Little History

How did we get here?

A History Of the Conflict by Steven Leigh Morris

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"One cannot make city-to-city comparisons without considering local culture and local specifics. A singular artistic ecosystem (number of actors, availability of theaters, etc.) makes Los Angeles distinct from other cities in the United States (just as New York and Chicago are)."

- Kevin Delin, 
author and scientist

  • Equity's plan will close many small Los Angeles theaters or force them to use non-union actors
  • Equity's plan will result in fewer new and experimental plays being produced
  • Equity's plan is NOT supported by the majority of Los Angeles union members
  • Equity's plan withdraws currently provided health and safety provisions that protect Los Angeles members

LA Proposes a Plan Of Its Own Article by Kevin Delin

What's Wrong With That?

Watch the LA Theater Town Hall